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Computer Telephony Integration Powered by Google

How It Works

User signs into the Loup Chrome extension connecting the Netsapiens cloud phone system to The user then places a call using the Netsapiens softphone. Loup recognises the call in real-time and searches for all the records tied to the incoming or outgoing phone number.  

Computer Telephony Integration


User Portal

The user portal is a multi-level backend system with a hierarchy designed for easy management and support. System admins can create, edit and delete users along with the ability to manipulate how Loup interacts various applications.  

Click to Dial

The Loup extension searches source code for phone numbers presented in the Chrome browser. When a phone number is found, a clickable Loup logo is placed next to it. When the Loup logo is clicked an outbound call is seamlessly initiated. 


The Loup wholesale offering allows customers to rebrand the software and offer it as their own. The Loup team will redesign, rebrand and launch a custom designed extension to the Google Chrome Webstore for any wholesale partners. Once the custom extension is launched, a dedicated backend portal instance is designed on Google's Cloud Platform for simple management.

Michael Cromwell

CEO & Partner

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About Us

Loup, short for Look Up, was formed in April of 2017 by Mike Cromwell and Spencer Scott. The mission is simple, provide system integrations that are not offered today. By leveraging a strong partnership with Google, Loup was launched on Google's Cloud Platform and released to the Google Chrome Webstore. Today, Loup is everywhere! Loup's ability to be 100% rebranded has allowed for the company to grow exponentially. Have you ever ordered food by phone or called customer service? You may have used Loup today and didn't even know it.


Spencer Scott

VP of Product Design

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