The worlds simplest Phone System to CRM integration software

With over 10 pre-built CRM integrations, we take phone systems to the next level



Netrio is a managed service provider that provides outstanding customer service through their 24/7 network operation center.

We built Netrio a custom integration app

Salesforce is one of the worlds largest customer relationship management tools.

We work with Salesforce to offer seamless integration



Netsapiens is a software-basedĀ PBX service provider with over 500,000 seats deployed across the United States.

We help Netsapiens offer integration to their service providers

Broadsoft is the global leader in cloud communications based on seats deployed, owning 38% of the market.

We leverage Boradsoft APIs to offer CRM screen pops



Any time we can't offer integration out of the box, we turn to Loup to close the deal