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Want your own Google Chrome extension?

By creating a custom Google Chrome extension the Loup team can connect your existing hosted phone system (PBX) to virtually any Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that is accessed through the Chrome browser. 

Getting Started

In order for our team to create your extension, we need to know whether your cloud phone system is either provided by Broadsoft, Netsapiens, or Vodia.

Depending on the PBX we are integrating with, our software will use API calls into the hosted phone system to capture real-time call logs for each individual user. The API calls also allow us to offer Single Sign-On and Click to Call. 

Once you have filled out our "Create My Extension" form, our software will generate an extension specifically for your environment and submit it to the Google Chrome webstore for testing. Don't worry, the only person who will have access to the extension is you. We do not make any extension public until the review process is complete.

Available in the chrome web store

Offering CRM Integration to your Customers

Once testing and turn up is complete, we ask that your marketing team provides the needed material for complete white label rebranding. After the correct marking material is provided per Google's extension requirements, our software will submit your extension for review and approval. Extensions are generally approved within seven business days. 

After the extension is approved, your users will be able to sign in using their existing credentials. Once signed in a user can select an application to integrate with from our list of pre-approved applications and screen pops will start taking place immediately.


Click to dial is as simple as right-clicking any phone number anywhere in Google and selecting "Call". 

User Experience

Customers who have signed in to your new extension will remain signed in unless they delete their cache, or sign out. Google Chrome's caching software will save the passwords allowing your users to open and close their browsers without hindering their experience. 

Now that users are signed in to your extension, every time a new call comes in, your Loup powered application will use our proprietary shortcode to open a new tab in the browser and automatically search the selected CRM for existing user data based on the caller id. click to call demo

"Loup is Great! We added CRM integration to our marketing material and now customers are coming to us for integrations like"
Ted Johnston
Managing Partner